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What is Spirits Society?

Spirits Society, an events and community hub for Spirits enthusiasts and those curious

to find out more about the liquid inside their favourite bottles on shelf.

We host Events ranging from Digital Tastings and Webinars, to intimate Masterclasses and big Meet the Maker Festivals where thousands of like-minded drinkers come to celebrate their favourite spirits.


We are known to host some of the most nerdy and immersive spirits tastings in the UK, but most of all, we are most proud about how each has earned it's reputation as always about having fun and inclusive, irrespective of whether you are a newbie to Gin, Tequila or Whisky or a seasoned connoisseur. 

We're best known for our Gin Festival, Junipalooza. It's an international gin show that places an emphasis on the people who make the spirit and the spirit they make by celebrating the distillers, their process and their stories.


It's become known as a cornerstone event in the calendar for gin enthusiasts and attracts both makers and drinkers from all around the world to take part. The same ethos, level of production, attention to detail and focus on celebrating a spirit in its entirety is what we are taking to our new to 2021 events. 

What can I expect at a Spirits Society Event?

We believe in total transparency and putting the guest first, the exhibitor second and us last.


Because of this our shows, tastings and masterclasses are always fun, centred around highlighting spirits so you actually get to know them better (not just drink them and are always fairly priced.


Each event runs slightly differently with all of the details set out on their respective pages.

Who is behind Spirit Society?

Spirits Society is run by Enotria & Coe, a London based Wine and Spirits distributor. We began our journey as Gin Foundry creating Junipalooza eight years ago having run hundreds of events for Spirits brands all over Europe. In 2020 we became a part of Enotria & Coe, forming a small team within the organisation that specialises on Events, Editorial and Online Retail.


To make Junipalooza Sydney & Melbourne, we work in partnership with The Gin Queen in Australia.


The aim for each is simple, to have the best show in the world and one that's reflective of the gin community's inclusive friendly nature, its diverse makers, flavours and creativity, wrapped up in an environment that's fun and accessible.

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