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 Audemus Umami Gin

Live Tasting & Cocktails

Wednesday 9th June - 6pm


To celebrate the launch of their new gin and discover more about it, we'll be delving into Umami Gin with the Audemus Distillery founders.

In a flavour filled session, we'll be tasting the gin neat, making a simple cocktail and chatting production. You'll learn about both what the concept of Umami is as a flavour and how that's been reflected in Umami Gin as a spirit.


The tasting itself is free for all to attend but should you wish to partake, sample and create the cocktail, visit our sister site Spirits Kiosk to purchase a bottle here:

This latest spirit takes the definition of gin and expresses it very differently to what drinkers would have tried before, through infusing unique ingredients to create a savoury - or umami - flavour.


Umami Gin’s base flavour comes from hand-picked Sicilian capers, distilled under vacuum at 45 degrees and after which they are combined with an infusion of Parmigiano-Reggiano, Italian parmesan cheese, which is glutamate-rich - the molecule which is responsible for our tongues’ ability to taste umami.


The liquid is then combined with bergamot and juniper distillates and the blend is then left to rest in an old cognac barrel for several months, giving it a unique, fresh and lightly savoury quality with an entirely unique flavour profile. As you'll discover during the tasting - it's both unique and delicious!


Umami Gin was born from a desire to create a spirit that offers a different expression of juniper and gin through combining modern techniques and traditional methods.


Founder and distiller, Miko Abouaf comments:


“Our mission at Audemus Spirits is to showcase spirits in new and innovative ways for consumers and bartenders alike to enjoy their favourite drinks in a new light.”


They certainly did that with this gin! Join us to find out more...

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