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Find Our Gin Festival

Join us at our next gin festival in Australia and be part of something special

Whether you’re an avid gin lover or have recently been introduced to this fantastic drink, you’re certain to love our Junipalooza festival where you can be immersed into the wonderful world of gin. Forget muddy fields and rainy festival nights and make us your choice when looking to attend a festival this year.

There are plenty of reasons why you should join our international meet the maker gin show this October

  • Location- This October our next Junipalooza festival takes place in the beautiful Central Pier in Melbourne. With plenty of scenery to take in and views to admire, you’ll wish you visited sooner!

  • Selection of gins- By attending our festival, you’ll be able to sample plenty of gins which all come with their own individual story. Meet the makers and learn where your drink came from, all the while being in the company of other gin lovers

  • Buy directly from the makers- Love what you tried? The beauty of attending our festival means you get to buy a variety of gins from the very makes themselves.

To book your tickets for Junipalooza, follow the links on our website today.

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