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Gin Tasting

Have an unforgettable summer with our gin tasting festival that will unlock your senses

Amongst all the drinks out there, perhaps the most popular and talked about drink has to be gin. With so many flavours and combinations to try, gin offers endless possibilities and is loved by people across the world. If you want to get your gin on and attend an event that will give you a chance to try a whole host of gins, you’ve come to the right place.

At our Junipalooza festival, you can try out a whole variety of different gins which vary in flavour and each have their own backstory. Better yet, you’ll get the chance to meet gin exhibitors who have all put their unique spin on their gin.

If that’s not enough to tempt you, you’ll be in the company of other gin lovers who adore gin just as much as you, so what’s stopping you from buying your ticket? Our next event takes place in Melbourne at the Central Pier Docklands, so make sure to book your ticket today!

You can find out more about our festival by taking a look around our website where you can discover more about us and how we got started.

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