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Gin Tasting Festival

Take part in our gin tasting festival and become a gin connoisseur

Amongst all the drinks out there, nothing offers an experience quite like finding the right gin. Being such a versatile spirit, the gin industry is constantly on the rise and bringing out new and fun flavours for us gin lovers to try out. Whether you’re a lover of gin or have just started your gin journey, you’ll most certainly feel right at home at our fantastic gin festival!

Welcome to Junipalooza, the only place you’ll ever need to go to learn all about your favourite gins and try out new gin-based beverages. You’ll get the chance to sample gins from various exhibitors and have your pick of over 300 gin bottles. Each exhibitor offers a unique gin-based drink in their own right and have their own story to tell, so you’ll never be short of things to learn at our festival.

If that’s not enough, you’ll also get the chance to meet other likeminded individuals who love gin as much as you, so what’s not to love? Find out more about our festival by taking a look around our website where you can discover when our next festival is on near you.

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