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Gin Tasting Festival Near Me

It’s time to to have a touch of class in your glass, and a fun afternoon to match. At Junipalooza we understand the true value of a good glass of gin. Junipalooza is a celebration of the drink, with tons of gin makers sharing their appreciation for that familiar texture and taste together. Not only will each of the gin makers be there to talk you through their products, you’ll be able to taste the wide variety of products brought to the festival, allowing you to know which gin is right for you.


Junipalooza is the prime gin festival near you, it’s a social experience in which you’ll meet like-minded people and be able to unwind together. It’s not the average festival experience, out of the rain, standing around with nothing to do waiting for the entertainment to start. Our Gin festival will go above and beyond as it has for years in the past.


With consistently high turnout and an appreciation for the craft that is unmatched by any other venue, if you’re a gin lover, Our London festival in 2020 is the place you need to be.

Find out more on our website, or fill out the contact form so you can get your spot in London in the summer. We look forward to sharing a glass with you.

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