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Hendrick's Lunar Gin

Live Tasting & Cocktail Masterclass

Thursday 18th March - 5pm

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Hendrick’s Gin is inviting YOU to come on a journey of an altogether different sort! 


The Hendrick’s Gin Ambassadors, Sasha Filimonov and Sarah Berardi will be taking guests on a virtual trip to the mightily beautiful and mystical seaside town on the south Ayshire coast of Scotland… GIRVANA, the home of Hendrick’s Gin. 


In the experience, YOU will be given an exclusive peak behind the curtain! You’ll discover how Hendrick’s is made – from the majestic still room to the Cabinet of Curiosities filled with secret liquids housed in Lesley’s Laboratory. We’ll be talking about both the original and their LUNAR GIN as well as make a few drinks along the way. 


If you haven’t tasted the Lunar edition yet, expect a gin that is deeply floral and richly aromatic both on the nose and to taste, with a twang of citrus and a warming heat on the finish. Perfect for Aperitivo time, especially with a splash of prosecco in a Spritz. 


The digital tasting is free to attend, starts at 5pm and will last around of 60-90mins.  


If you already have a bottle of the original Hendrick’s Gin or Hendrick’s Lunar Gin, you can RSVP below and we’ll send you a link to join in. 


If not, be sure to stock up on a bottle and get set for an evening of revelry! We’ve even got a bundle for two tonics, a bottle of prosecco and some Gin at a delightful little discount... 

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