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London Festival 2020

There’s nothing quite like having an authentic drinking experience amongst fellow Gin lovers. We at Junipalooza understand this, and now consider ourselves to have mastered our craft, and our festival, to deliver an incredible experience, the true right way to bring in the new decade. At Junipalooza, we provide two things, the drinks and the Atmosphere.


The Drinks


Are you looking for the smooth taste of a Gin on the rocks? Perhaps you’re after that splash of tonic to get your day going. No matter the taste you’re looking for you can find it amongst the many stands and areas that we’ll have set up in our London space.


More than this, the makers of the drinks will be there, showing off the highlights of their products for you. This is how you know you’re getting an authentic taste. You’ll be able to learn about the honest process that went into the beautiful taste at your lips.


The Atmosphere


Being with other like-minded people, sharing a jovial drink, and letting time slip by, free of the stresses and the busier world. You can experience the festival at your own pace. The warm lights, the comfortable seats, it’s all there to make sure you have a pleasurable time.


More than this, we will have a number of activities throughout the day, that are guaranteed to liven up your experience. We operate within London, as well as having other festivals in Australia.


Find out more about the history of Junipalooza and more about what you can expect on our about us page, here. Alternatively, get in contact with us, by filling out the form, located here.

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