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This year, we are creating a series of talks and panel discussions that are free to attend and focused on the geekier parts of the gin category.

Hosted by Gin Foundry editor Olivier Ward, the subjects covered are category wide, independent of brand afflictions (no sales, no pitches, no individual distillery steering towards an agenda - just his usual geek love of gin as a whole in full flow) and promise to deliver 20-25 mins of insight that will have  you thinking differently about the category.


Most of the talks will include samples and where suitable, will also include other distillers,  enthusiasts and communicators in panel discussions.

We'll update this page with a full programme of talks including timings once we release the plan your visit guides - but here's a flavour of what to expect...


How to taste gin

We are frequently asked how best to taste gin and how to 'get' all the flavours. In this fast paced 20 minutes, we'll explain just how flavour works to help you understand and articulate the flavours you are picking up. We'll show how judging panels and those making an academic assessment taste gin so you can hone  similar skills.

As gin is not made for sterile purposes, we'll also discuss just why understanding the intent behind a flavour profile is key to not only picking up on the flavours, but appreciating them for what they are. Of course - tasting gin must also include mixers and the context it is consumed, whose impact will be explored!

We'll leave you feeling empowered to taste more fully, a little more confident about how to express what you are picking up and assured that at the end of it all - simply enjoying what's in the glass is key!

Curators Cabinet 

(how to curate your gin collection)

We all LOVE gin. We all want as many options available to us, all of the time; after-all with so many amazing distillers how can you resist adding another offering onto the shelf...?

In this talk Olivier will show how bars and shops curate selections and how enthusiasts can take some ideas and adapt them for home. We'll look into how you can tailor a collection and make it better for you by explaining what to look for, how to think about grouping based on occasions, flavours, ethos and more. 


This is not about Mary Kondo'ing a cabinet and de-cluttering, it's about empowering you to make more informed decisions that will help you LOVE the gins you have even more, as well as make them work harder to give you that moment of pure delight whenever the demand for it might come...

Where is gin heading in the next 3 years?

Join us as three of the industry's finest discuss what's next for gin in the UK, using examples to taste, stats to wrap your minds around and infographics to oggle at while listening in.


We'll cover the idea of 'Peak Gin' and what it actually looks like in real terms, the trends that are already playing out and the new frontiers that distillers are working towards.

Here, Olivier will be joined by two distillers to give us their unique perspectives, as well as what it's like for them in a competitive but collegiate industry.

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