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Junipalooza London is the foremost Gin event in Europe, while Melbourne is one of Australia's biggest spirit festivals full stop and we are inundated with media requests for tickets.


We have a strict allocation for each session and ensure that these are distributed to print and digital journalists, broadcast media influencers and authors who actually want to write and feature content the show and the brands there. If this sounds like you, please do not hesitate to get in touch to find out more and request a press pass.


We work with fellow enthusiasts and social media influencers in numerous ways, ranging from affiliate marketing in the lead up to the show, to experts hosting rooms and recommending gins to guests, as well as being part of our amazing team of knowledgeable event staff. If you would like to get involved, please send Emile an email at


We love Spirit Clubs! From Gin groups, whisky circles, rum runners and more - there are so many brilliant enthusiast clubs all over the country. We also understand that clubs and tasting groups are often numerous people involved and that you may be attending Junipalooza all together. 


Please get in touch to see if there is anything we can do regarding group discounts and special treats, as we value these communities and are keen to support however we can.


While there's always a lot of buzz and clipping about the show taking place, we are keen to showcase honest and impartial reviews from people who have been to our shows and written about their experience so that you can  

Here's some reviews, write up's and highlights of the 2018 London edition to get an independent

flavour of what the festival is about and what it looked like:

What's Katie Doing

Cotswold's Explorer

Gin A Ding Ding

For The Love Of Gin

And here's a little something about the Melbourne 2018 Edition:

Melburnian Guide To

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