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What is it all about?

Quercus is Latin for Oak; the wood that almost all barrels, hogsheads, casks, tuns, butts and pipes used to mature spirits are made from. 

Quercus is a celebration of this dark art of maturing spirits and the alchemy that happens during a spirit's slumber.

The show is unique in the way it combines spirits. Rum, Whisky, Cognac and more - this is a festival dedicated to aged spirits in all their forms, be they for sipping or mixing with cocktails.

Aged spirits have so much in common, with so many shared processes and similar ways of being enjoyed. Isn't it time to put the tribal nature of single-spirit shows aside and just come-together as drinks fans?

Aged spirits may vary hugely from Whisky to Cognac or even a tasty Reposado and a delicately rested Barrel Aged Gin, but they all share so much too.


How does the spirit react and respond to time in a cask? How much of the flavour is due to the original spirit, derived the oak or left over from the previous occupant of the cask? To savour neat or with a splash of water or mix up in a cocktail?


Aged spirits have so many similarities, many shared processes and similar ways of being enjoyed.  

We're keeping it intimate for our first year, with 20 or so producers from all over the world joining us and representing the most exiting and innovative ranges. There'll be dozens and dozens of Whiskies, Rums and Brandies for enthusiasts to sample, sip and enjoy along with their makers on hand to help explain why they are worth savouring...

Just like with all our events, each person is given a tasting glass to go and appreciate the spirits on offer, with small samples and an explanation from each producer included in the ticket price.


There's loads of water available for free across the show, while the bar and street food stands will have extras for those who want something different.

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