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 Tapatio Tequila & Ilegal Mezcal

Tasting Pack & Virtual Tasting

Wednesday 2nd June - 7pm

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Join us for a tutored tasting hosted by Gabriela, Speciality Brands’ (the importers of Tapatio and Ilegal) Agave Ambassador.

Originally from Guadalajara in Mexico, Gaby is renowned for her ability to impart her knowledge, passion and love for the agave spirits produced in her native country to UK enthusiasts. If you are discovering this fantastic category, her tastings, trainings and talks will open your eyes even further to the infinite possibilities Tequila and Mezcal have.

Gaby’s wealth of knowledge extends far beyond Tequilas of her home state, extending all the way to the smoky stone pits used for Mezcals in Oaxaca, and to the rustic Philippine stills used by the Maestros Taberneros responsible for making Raicillas.


The online virtual tasting will be happening on Wednesday 2nd June at 7pm and will go through the Tapatio Tequila range including their Blanco, Reposado and Anejo as well as the Ilegal Mezcal range which includes a Joven, Reposado and Anejo.

The tasting pack includes a six 30ml samples so that you can taste through each of the 3 variants from both ranges. The sample of Tapatio Blanco will be 50ml bottle to make an intro Tequila & Tonic.

Tapatio is produced at La Alteña distillery in Jalisco, where the Camarena family have been making Tequila for generations. The name ‘Tapatio’ is also a nod to their provenance - it's a Mexican word referring to a man from Guadalajara.

Ilegal Mezcal was founded in 2006 by John Rexer, who began by smuggling this product into his Bar, Cafe No Se, in Antigua, Guatemala.


It'll be a fantastic tasting where passion and knowledge will be on display, while authentic and high quality agave spirits are in your glass.


As an added bonus, not only does your tasting pack includes the samples, the invite to the online tasting - it will also have a £15 discount to redeem on full size bottles on Spirits Kiosk after the event!


You must be over 18 years old and be a resident of the UK to purchase this tasting pack.

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